FM Broadcast – Summer 2021

Even in normal times, recruiting exceptional talent to your company takes skill and effort. Currently, the market for top talent is fierce, and companies must stand out from the crowd to attract stellar executives. Candidates, like all people, want to feel important and valued, and your recruiting process must deliver that feeling. From the first outreach, through the interviews, and finally with the offer, each step of the hiring process shapes candidates’ impressions of your company.

Takeaways from May/June 2021 Lunches (with 90 CHROs)

During late May and early June 2021, the Practice Leaders at FlemingMartin held virtual lunches with 90 Life Sciences and Technology CHROs (Chief Human Resource Officers). We explored topics such as returning to site, vaccination policies, mentoring employees virtually, people-related concerns from Boards, and workplace political discussions...

FM Broadcast – Spring 2021

FlemingMartin held our quarterly CHRO Lunch Series in March, bringing together 95 senior human resources executives from Life Sciences and Technology companies throughout California. Our guests spent considerable time sharing their thoughts and plans regarding Return to Work/Return to Office.

Learnings from March 2021 Lunches (with 95 CHROs)

A large percentage of employees who have been working from home for the past year want to maintain some flexibility. Numerous companies are now planning for a shift to a hybrid approach to work (i.e., 2 days at home, 3 days in the office with hoteling/hot desking). Some Executive Teams have a strong desire to get everyone back into the office as soon as possible due to concerns about weakening culture...

FM Broadcast – Winter 2021

When we started FlemingMartin in 2011, our goal was to build a firm focused on execution with relationships built on trust. We always love working with new companies, but our measure of success is largely based on how many existing clients come back to us.

Happy Holidays from the FlemingMartin Team!

Happy Holidays from the FlemingMartin Team... Here's to fewer Zoom calls and a brighter 2021!

FM Broadcast – Fall 2020

On November 11th, the United States commemorates Veterans Day, honoring those who have served in the US Armed Forces. A friend recently reminded me of the words of Dr. Jefferson Wiggins regarding his service as a Black soldier serving in a segregated unit in World War II. After receiving recognition for helping liberate Europe from Nazi occupation, he explained “It (was) a group of people who believe in compassion and justice and bridge building that got us where we are.”

FM Broadcast – Summer 2020

As companies and individuals continue to adapt to the COVID era, it seems that acceptance is a key component of moving forward. As a firm, we are seeing more of our clients acknowledge the dramatic changes to their business environment, which gives the certainty needed to plan for the future once again. A recent industry-wide survey of executive recruiting firms revealed that, despite devastating metrics in March and April, the number of “opened” or newly-started searches has significantly increased month-over-month from May onwards. The industry is not back to 2019 numbers, and that is perhaps not a realistic expectation, but the steady buildup in activity is a good sign.

Moving Forward: Life Science CHROs on Working Virtually, Returning to Site, Engaging Remote Employees & More…

These last two weeks, I have spoken with nearly 30 CHROs from Bay Area-based Life Sciences companies about present challenges and opportunities at their organizations. We have discussed the status of their return to site and how they are keeping a virtual workforce engaged, among several other topics. Some highlights from these conversations are featured below...

COVID-19: Life Science CHRO Thoughts around Returning to Work On-Site

Over the past two days, I have asked numerous CHROs from Bay Area-based Life Sciences companies about their plans for developing protocols around having the bulk of their employees return to work on-site. Altogether, I received responses from 30 CHROs and highlights are featured below...

FM Broadcast – Spring 2020

Since our last newsletter, the world has rapidly changed. All of us are adapting to a “new normal,” both at work and with friends and family. We are acclimating to social distancing policies and figuring out what the future may look like when we do come out of this crisis. Through it all, FlemingMartin remains busy: focused on strengthening relationships, helping executives in our network, and serving as loyal, trusted partners to our many clients. Like everyone in our industry, we are preparing for a slowdown, but we remain hopeful for a quick recovery.

FlemingMartin Expands Financial Services & Technology Practice

San Francisco/Silicon Valley, CA, March 30, 2020 – FlemingMartin is pleased to announce that Scott Yen has joined the firm as our Financial Services & Technology Practice Leader. Scott brings a unique blend of finance and entrepreneurial experience with over 13 years of investment banking…

FM Whitepaper: Bringing the Executive Search Function In-House

FlemingMartin Whitepaper - Bringing the Executive Search Function In-House January, 2020

Mary Daly, CEO of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Speaks to San Ramon Executives

San Ramon, CA, January 15, 2020 – Bishop Ranch Interview of Mary Daly, 13th President and Chief Executive Officer of the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. Interviewer: Alex Mehran, Sr, Chairman of the Board for Sunset Development and former Chair of the Federal Reserve…

FM Broadcast – Fall 2019

As companies head into the formal “budget season” of the year, some of our discussions with clients have included concern about the uncertainty of the economy in 2020. So, we wanted to share some insights from CFOs in our network. We know – exciting stuff! As one CFO we interviewed sarcastically said, "This newsletter topic should have people on the edge of their seat.”

FM Broadcast – Summer 2019

As companies head into the formal “budget season” of the year, some of our discussions with clients have included concern about the uncertainty of the economy in 2020. So, we wanted to share some insights from CFOs in our network. We know – exciting stuff! As one CFO we interviewed sarcastically said, "This newsletter topic should have people on the edge of their seat.”

FM Broadcast – Spring 2019

In the last year, we’ve been hired to help many clients find the right candidate to lead their Total Rewards function. Why is this role becoming increasingly more critical to companies? We asked some experts in our network to give us their take on Total Rewards...

FM Broadcast – Winter 2019

In the Spring of 2016, we touched on the topic of executive search and the importance of quality candidate experience. Nearly 3 years later, this statement still rings true. Our team has been fortunate to work with numerous clients that take pride in the quality of their interview process, including Airbnb. Here are a few tips to ensure a quality candidate experience for your next executive search...

FM Broadcast – Fall 2018

As many of our clients know, a hot global economy and record-low unemployment are tightening the supply of high-performing executives, challenging companies to find, attract and keep top performers. In fact, failure to attract and retain talent is the top concern for global CEOs, according to a recent survey by the Conference Board...

FM Broadcast – Summer 2018

A word that has been top of mind lately is Trust. As we see strong management teams work together to build great organizations, we realize that trusting one another is the key enabler of that success...
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