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Client Interviews

We assist in determining the optimal interview process for our client and help to manage logistics related to candidate interviews, including scheduling, traveling, etc. Following the first round of interviews, we work together with the client to review the candidates and identify the lead candidates who will continue the process. We then perform 360-degree reference interviews of current and previous managers, peers, and subordinates of the lead candidates. We also initiate 3rd party background investigations to confirm academic and other credentials. Additionally, some of our clients choose to work with the industrial psychologists in our network to perform more in-depth personality assessments.

Offer and Negotiations

Once the prime candidate has been identified, we help determine the appropriate strategy to secure the candidate. We also assist in the structuring of an appropriate compensation package and help facilitate the offer and address any concerns that need resolution. As always, we represent the client’s best interests to ensure open and complete communication during the delicate negotiation period.


After the search is complete and the selected candidate has started in his or her new position, our work and partnership continues. We remain close to the candidate and his or her new manager, helping to facilitate the candidate’s successful transition into the organization. This partnership begins with the candidate’s start date to help ensure they are able to contribute quickly and add long-term value to our client company.