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"FlemingMartin recruited me from Canada as part of an international search. Initially, I had some concerns about relocating from Toronto to the San Francisco Bay Area. However, my fit with the company has been tremendous and my family and I have grown to love the local area as well. I continue to appreciate how Marty takes the time to catch up with me and offer advice, years after FlemingMartin placed me at Specialized."

Jason Bates
Chief Supply Chain Officer / Specialized Bicycle Components

“FlemingMartin worked efficiently to deliver quality candidates for our Head of Public Relations role, a critical position at our company. Their diligence, clear communication and responsiveness resulted in the right hire for our organization and a search process executed in 45 days. All in all, FlemingMartin demonstrated a keen understanding of the talent marketplace and they are now a trusted resource for our company.”

Gordon Bell
Vice President of Marketing / Energous

“We engaged Jonah Klein and FlemingMartin to recruit a VP Finance with a very specific skillset to our growing organization. FlemingMartin’s attention-to-detail was comprehensive, each step along the way was clearly communicated, and the negotiation with the selected candidate was well-executed. I look forward to continuing our partnership in the years to come.”

Jean-Marc Bellemin
Chief Financial Officer / Gritstone Oncology

“Partnering with Jonah Klein and FlemingMartin was a uniquely positive experience. In a timely manner, I interviewed a group of accomplished executives that were all well aligned with our job specification and I always knew where the search stood at each stage in their well-defined process. The end result is that we hired a Vice President of Business Development who will be a great asset to our growing organization. ”

Eric Bjerkholt
Chief Financial Officer / Aimmune Therapeutics

“The speed, the analysis and scoping of candidate requirements, and the overall thoroughness of the search work performed by FlemingMartin was exceptional. I would highly recommend FlemingMartin to any business, whether they’re a small firm, a middle-market company or a large corporation.”

Jeff Black
Chief Executive Officer / La Tavola (a Frontenac Portfolio Co.)

"We retained Jonah Klein and FlemingMartin for a high priority, time sensitive search. Jonah worked efficiently, and with outstanding communication, to recruit just the right individual for our growing team. FlemingMartin is now regarded as a trusted partner to our organization."

Ingrid Boyes
Senior Vice President of Human Resources / MyoKardia

"As a successful, high growth and well-established technology company, headquartered in Los Angeles, we at j2 Global strive to hire only the best-of-the-best executives to lead our global businesses. Our company has an uncompromising demand for the highest quality skill sets in our leaders and those high standards are reflected in our success. FlemingMartin has delivered for us on multiple occasions. They have met our high bar and that’s why we choose to partner with FlemingMartin."

Patty Brunton
Vice President of Administration & Human Resources / j2 Global

“Marty is a master of the Art and Science of Executive Search. In my experience with him and the FlemingMartin team, I can honestly say they have set a new bar for what our industry should aspire to. Being on the flip side of this business as a candidate, our time together could have been a chess match. But I give him all the credit in the world for his integrity, deep industry expertise, negotiation style, and communication.”

Bev Carleton
Head of Talent Acquisition - North America / Fitbit

“FlemingMartin succeeded in filling a key executive role for our company, ultimately finding a leader who brings intelligence and experience to the position and who fits within the culture of our organization. FlemingMartin was also very responsive throughout the process, communicating regularly with our executive team during the preparation, execution and integration phases of the search. In sum, FlemingMartin earned our trust.”

Dennis Carlson
President & Chief Executive Officer / WeDriveU

“FlemingMartin demonstrated the ability to be professionally persistent, which led to the delivery of fantastic candidates who normally tend not to respond to recruiter calls. Ultimately, this quality made our hiring decision very difficult because each candidate put forth by the FlemingMartin team was exceptional. From a communication and organizational standpoint, FlemingMartin was superb: really accommodating, thorough, concise. Chances are, FlemingMartin will always be our go-to firm for senior-level talent searches.”

Robert Cartagena

"FlemingMartin quickly understood what was most important to our family business (culture fit) and worked hard to understand our culture at a deep level. Their process minimized the time I needed to dedicate to the search, but kept me well informed. Most importantly, they produced great candidates and helped with the search well into the onboarding process."

Tim T. Carter
Chief Executive Officer / Bell-Carter Foods, Inc.

"FlemingMartin has been a trusted partner in building our global operations talent. Their customized approach to executive search and their flexibility in responding to our company’s needs has been an extremely valuable asset and, moreover, they have produced results!"

Greg Carver
Former Chief Operating Officer / ActiveVideo

"I’ve known and worked with Fleming and the FlemingMartin team for 10+ years on senior level searches. I am most impressed with the time invested by Fleming and his team to learn our business and make sure they understand what is required for a candidate to be successful. We have often discussed that the success of a search is not when the role is filled but rather how the candidate is doing 12 months after being hired. FlemingMartin’s candidates have always exceeded that criteria. They are a pleasure to work with and I would recommend FlemingMartin anytime."

Steve Chopp

"I was referred to FlemingMartin by a spot-on Board Member. He realized the importance of hiring a senior-level executive whom we had the utmost confidence in. Then, when I met Fleming and Marty, I knew it was a perfect match. That feeling was based on our company’s ability to communicate and to be heard by FlemingMartin. Fleming and Marty brought in an individual who was an excellent culture fit and that was critical for us as a company. Even though he’s bringing about change in our organization, he’s been able to accomplish that without transforming who we are. He’s also respected people who have been here for a long time."

Ramona Davis-Frenn
President & Chief Executive Officer / Life-Assist

"Jonah Klein and the team at FlemingMartin were phenomenal partners in our recent search for a Head of Total Rewards. From the first interaction, Jonah immersed himself in the process by seeking to understand our culture, business, and priorities for the search. More importantly, I heard consistent and positive feedback from candidates on how Jonah and his team were representing Global Blood Therapeutics (GBT) in the marketplace. We are thrilled with the outcome of our search, and for the partnership we have created with Jonah and FlemingMartin."

Eric Fink
Chief Human Resources Officer / Global Blood Therapeutics

"Marty is one of the best recruiters with whom I have ever worked. What amazed me most was his keen ability to clearly understand the position’s unique requirements, and then find a veritable needle in a haystack. Marty knew that I would be perfect for the role, and I agree that this position has been a fantastic fit for me. Throughout the entire process (recruiting, interviewing and onboarding), Marty was incredibly proactive, responsive, and insightful. He was someone I could really turn to. He guided me through the process from day one, which allowed me to focus on my interviews. FlemingMartin did an excellent job in providing me with information on all of the people I would be meeting, and in thoroughly explaining the candidate experience. Overall, it was the fastest, smoothest recruiting process I have ever been through."

Miko Gellerman
Vice President, Business Planning & Analysis / Fitbit

"We retained Jonah Klein for a couple of challenging searches. Jonah was thoughtful in his approach, ensuring he had a comprehensive understanding of our needs, and then very efficiently and thoroughly began to identify strong candidates who would be a good match for us. He was in constant communication which kept me on track and allowed us to move quickly. I truly appreciate his approach and would enjoy working with him again.”

Jill Genelza
Vice President of People / Proteus Digital Health

“Being a candidate on an executive search led by Jonah Klein and FlemingMartin was a thoroughly positive experience. Jonah and his team clearly communicated the needs of the hiring manager (CEO), took the time to understand my skill set and background, and were fully transparent during every step of the comprehensive recruitment process. By the end, we had developed a strong relationship of mutual trust and respect.”

Phyllis L. Gray
Vice President of Human Resources / RAPT Therapeutics

“It was a great experience working with FlemingMartin on our search to find a new President for IPD.  We had very specific requirements and they were very patient with us as the search evolved. Ultimately, they delivered an excellent panel of strong candidates, and we hired the right leader for the job!”

Tom Grzywacz
President & Chief Executive Officer / Storm Industries, Inc.

“We used FlemingMartin (specifically Fleming Jones) to conduct a search for us for a new Director of Human Resources. I was extremely happy with the outcome of the search and with how Fleming managed the process and communications with us. Beyond his talents in conducting executive searches, what has particularly impressed me is how committed Fleming is to his clients and making sure that the match is a success for the company and for the candidate. His interest goes beyond just the open position to following up afterwards to ensure that things are working out as intended. Fleming genuinely cares about his clients, displays extremely high levels of “ownership”, and embraces feedback and new approaches for continuous improvement. He is also an individual of the highest integrity.”

Mike Gummeson
President & Chief Executive Officer / NDS Inc.

“It was a pleasure working with FlemingMartin on our recent senior executive level search. Fleming and Jonah heard the nuances of what type of person would best fit our culture and organizational needs. They provided valued insights about the candidates and helped us tailor the search as we narrowed the pool to the finalists. We were always kept up to date on the status of the search and they made the process a pleasant one.”

Rich Hallworth

"We hired FlemingMartin for several key searches and those hires have made a tremendous impact at our company. FlemingMartin took the time to understand the importance of innovation to our business, along with our unique culture."

Nathan Harding
Co-Founder / Ekso Bionics

"FlemingMartin has helped our company with several searches. Their most recent placement has had an immediate impact on the operations of one of our key divisions which is now running more effectively than ever before."

Ed Hogan
President & Chief Executive Officer / The Henry Wine Group

"FlemingMartin recruited and placed me in a role that’s been a better fit than I ever could have imagined! In my first full year on the job, we have grown revenue 20%."

Bryan Holliday
Executive Vice President of Sales & Marketing / Life-Assist

"FlemingMartin was among the best I’ve worked with in terms of effort, thoroughness, and understanding client needs. They demonstrated follow-through at every step of the process."

George Hu
Chief Operating Officer / Twilio

“I enjoyed partnering with Jonah Klein and FlemingMartin on our successful search for a Head of Human Resources. Jonah understood the needs of our growing company, he was very communicative and hardworking, and he presented a group of impressive and qualified candidates for us to assess in a short time frame. I would highly recommend Jonah and FlemingMartin for executive-level search engagements.”

Ben Hwang
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer / Profusa

"Working with Marty and team at FlemingMartin was the best search process I have experienced. We tasked him with recruiting a senior FP&A position vacated by someone who had been with the company 15 years. The process from start to finish was comprehensive, thorough, transparent and very efficient. Marty listened intently to our specific needs, both skill set and cultural compatibility. He spent significant time learning in detail about all levels and departments within the Company that the candidate would work with. Marty proposed a reasonable timeline and executed admirably. He brought a quality of candidates to the process that we wouldn’t have been able to source elsewhere and was able to explain the strengths and weaknesses of each to us and in comparison to each other appropriately. FlemingMartin’s process was a true partnership and reduced my stress levels considerably for what was a high profile key hire within our Company under a spotlight."

Ray Jackson
Chief Financial Officer / JMP Group

“Working with Marty McMahon and Jonah Klein was a great experience. We were trying to fill a position that required a unique combination of skills and had a very high hiring bar as well.  Marty and Jonah were patient, highly communicative, and motivated to find the right person - not just fill the seat and move on.  They never pressured us to accept someone who we didn't feel passionately about, and ultimately identified and presented a slate of candidates who were highly qualified."

Justin Kao
Co-Founder / Helix

"I have worked with FlemingMartin both as a candidate and as a client. They bring an unusual level of thoughtfulness and professionalism that leads to a tight group of well screened candidates. FlemingMartin puts in the time and effort to understand who would succeed in and be happy in the role. Their dedication to finding the right match also shows in their post-placement follow up and support. They care about how it works out."

Chris King
Chief Financial Officer / ICON Aircraft

“I found FlemingMartin to be a true business partner in the search and acquisition of my VP Finance. The firm's project-orientated approach yielded: 1) a wide range of prospective candidates, 2) drove the process in a step-wise manner, 3) kept a high sense of urgency focused on the deliverables, and 4) worked within our and the candidates' time frame. In all my experiences of filling executive positions, I would rank FlemingMartin at the top of the list of world-class firms in the marketplace they serve.”

John “Jay” Kline
President & Chief Executive Officer / Liquid Technologies

"FlemingMartin was a true partner throughout the entire hiring process. Marty and the team not only brought us a great slate of candidates, but also listened and adjusted to find a great fit for us."

Adriel Lares
Chief Financial Officer / Fastly

"We have engaged FlemingMartin for multiple searches and their firm is very responsive to our company’s needs. Simply put, they have helped me make some of my best hires."

Jeff Miller
Chief Executive Officer / ActiveVideo

"We retained Marty and the team at FlemingMartin for a critical executive HR search. We challenged the team with an aggressive timeline and thanks to their efficient process and great network, we received a diverse slate of highly qualified candidates within a very short period of time.

We are thrilled with the end result. Marty was a true partner and was able to guide our team through the process in order to help create a great client and candidate experience. I can truly say FlemingMartin goes above and beyond to understand their client and candidate needs and is committed to a great outcome for all."

Terilyn Juarez Monroe
Chief People Officer / Varian

"Jonah Klein and his team are skilled at finding great candidates and representing our company with enthusiasm and authenticity. This combination has led to the successful recruitment of several senior leaders in Natera’s oncology team, particularly in Marketing and Product Management. Based on this experience, we are now exploring new areas where FlemingMartin can help us further build out the team.”

Solomon Moshkevich
General Manager, Oncology / Natera

"I have worked with many Executive Search Firms over the years, from small independent recruiters to large, global entities.  I’ve worked with these firms as a growth company building a management team, never as a large, resource-rich client.  My experience with Fleming and his team has been the best of all of these.  Fleming took the time to understand our business, the requirements for the job and the culture of the executive team, asking great questions and carefully listening to the answers.  If they are not the right fit for a search, they have the integrity to tell you so up front.  His process was well organized, communication was efficient and they required very little course correction as we began to see candidates.  All of our final candidates were top caliber and surfaced in the timeframe committed, an ideal outcome for any executive search.  I highly recommend Fleming and his team."

Mike Muench
Chief Executive Officer & President, Board / Seek Thermal

"Over the course of more than 30 years in executive management, there have been several search firms that I've worked with to varying degrees of success. Over the past two years, I've had the pleasure of working with an executive search firm that, in my estimation, is head and shoulders above any other. FlemingMartin has been an amazing partner in helping me fill out my senior team with top talent. From our initial meetings to detail the search, through sourcing, screening, interviewing, adjusting and ultimately hiring, their help has been invaluable. With a level of professionalism and attention to detail that radiates confidence, both the partners and their incredible staff made this essential activity both efficient and effective. I fully endorse FlemingMartin to anyone in need of finding that unique fit for the positions that will make a difference in your business."

John Nebergall
Senior Vice President & General Manager / j2 Global

“FlemingMartin approaches executive search in a very systematic, high-integrity fashion. Unlike previous search firms that I had worked with earlier in my career, FlemingMartin always had my best interests in mind as a candidate. From the outset, FlemingMartin set up the process correctly with the right vision, logic, and flow. They strategically analyzed my competencies and clearly laid out the focus, structure, personalities, and culture of the (hiring) company and its key stakeholders. The firm operates with maturity and puts the time in to solve problems the right way.”

Marty Neese
Chief Operating Officer / Velodyne LiDAR

"The team at FlemingMartin are true professionals. I’ve been recruited by their firm and I have engaged them as a client. Words like relationships, trust, personal-touch and follow-through are an every-day way of doing business for their team. They care to dig deep and understand what’s important for the client and reflect that in their search. What I find particularly remarkable is their thorough follow-through months after a search is completed, with both client and newly-placed executive. FlemingMartin seeks to ensure the placement is a good fit through one-to-one communication. If you’re a growing organization and wish to have a partner in finding talent, FlemingMartin is one of the best firms in the business. If you are one of the talented executives that FlemingMartin has engaged on a search, you can rest assured that you’re dealing with individuals of the highest integrity."

Murali Nemani
Chief Marketing Officer / ActiveVideo

"Specialized has a very high bar for hiring and they are very selective in their hiring practices. FlemingMartin took the time to truly invest in getting to know our company culture and, consequently, they delivered candidates who had the right cultural fit and skills."

Greg Pappas
Former Chief Human Resource Officer / Specialized Bicycle Components

“It was a pleasure to work with Jonah Klein, Marty McMahon, and the rest of the team at FlemingMartin on our Chief Financial Officer search. They put in tremendous effort and were highly responsive every step of the way: from taking the time to understand our company culture and vision to recruiting a truly qualified slate of candidates to providing counsel in the end-stage negotiations. They are ethical, hardworking, and very skilled at their craft.”

Jack Peurach
Chief Executive Officer / Ekso Bionics

"We were beginning what I knew would be a challenging search for a critical VP hire. Like many, we were looking for a 'unicorn' blend of competencies and background. I turned to Fleming Jones. He accepted the challenge and delivered on it: he found our unicorn. And approaching the anniversary of the hire, we are all very pleased with the result. FlemingMartin really came through for us!"

Tony Prudhomme
Chief Financial Officer / Jafra

"FlemingMartin assisted our company with two simultaneous searches for key leadership positions. We had a unique set of requirements for each, and Marty and Jamie were relentless in their efforts to present us with quality candidates. Their communication was refreshingly clear, organized and direct, and we appreciated their strategic approach, spot-on insights, and ability to understand our business."

Meaghan Rose
Founder & CEO / Rocksbox

"We engaged FlemingMartin for a critical executive search that was uniquely challenging. We set a very high bar and had the added complexity of an extremely difficult engagement dynamic as the hiring manager was traveling abroad for weeks at a time. In a short timeframe, FlemingMartin successfully placed a candidate whose background precisely aligned with the skillset we were seeking, and even more importantly, the candidate is a great fit for our culture, our mission and our team."

Marty Reaume
Chief People Officer / Fitbit

"FlemingMartin and Jonah Klein have been terrific partners in the highly competitive search for top talent in the Life Sciences. In particular, the professionalism, diligence and commitment demonstrated were exceptional and resulted in two successful searches for individuals who are now outstanding members of my team. I wouldn’t hesitate to engage FlemingMartin again for my next search."

Roman Rubio
SVP, Clinical Development / Revance Therapeutics

"It was very clear that the people FlemingMartin brought in to our company had a similar empathy or modus operandi to us. Marty really understood what we were trying to create as an organization and he took the time to understand our culture and the unique facets of our business. The candidates recruited by FlemingMartin were very well-informed about us and we were well-informed about whom we were meeting with. Marty’s ability to understand and articulate our business really showed in his first search for us so we hired him for two subsequent searches."

Max Scheder-Bieschin
Chief Financial Officer / Ekso Bionics

"I brought FlemingMartin into ActiveVideo when I was the Chief Financial Officer. FlemingMartin helped us find our Executive Vice President of Operations and Chief Marketing Officer. Those key hires were instrumental in our successful acquisition by two Fortune 500 companies, Arris Group and Charter Communications."

Brian Sereda
Former Chief Financial Officer / ActiveVideo

“We brought FlemingMartin in to help us recruit a new Chief Commercial Officer. This position was critical for us to hit our Private Equity sponsor’s aggressive growth goals. Fleming and Jonah brought forward an extensive panel of strong candidates and they stuck with the process. In the end, thanks to their efforts and diligence, we got the right person for the team!”

Brian Smith
Chief Executive Officer / MeriCal (a Linden Operating Co.)

"FlemingMartin has placed several executives at our company. We really appreciate the thorough nature of their assessments of the talent marketplace as well as their delivery of quality candidates in a timely fashion."

K. “Suri” Suriyakumar
President & Chief Executive Officer / ARC Document Solutions

“FlemingMartin has completed multiple executive searches for us, spanning Product Marketing, Engineering, Sales, and Customer Care. Time and again, they have delivered first-class candidates with the right skill sets.”

Dave Vaughn
President & Chief Executive Officer / AgJunction

"We retained FlemingMartin to find our first CHRO as we continue to grow and build out solutions that allow us to improve the lives of those we serve. The FlemingMartin team did an exceptional job of presenting a diverse slate of candidates who understood our business. FlemingMartin was very receptive to what we were looking for in a leader and we hope to partner with them again in the future."

John Watts, Jr.
Chief Executive Officer / Paradigm

"FlemingMartin provided a thorough assessment of the top talent in the market and helped us successfully recruit the right senior executive for our Organization. Our new Chief People Officer brings a wealth of experience in facilitating a collaborative, high-performance culture, and she will play an important role in the continued success of our Company."

Dow Wilson
President & Chief Executive Officer / Varian Medical Systems

“Jonah Klein and FlemingMartin did a great job with our Vice President of HR search, which was complicated significantly by the COVID-19 pandemic. I was truly impressed by FlemingMartin’s collaborative approach and Jonah’s broad and deep executive networks, which very much helped with the recruitment process. I think our new VP of HR will be a great resource for us and will provide leadership to help move the Company in the right direction.”

Brian Wong
Chief Executive Officer / RAPT Therapeutics
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