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Engage the Market

As we communicate the opportunity to the market, we are creating an image of our client and generating excitement about the opportunity with potential candidates. Our Senior Consultant communicates directly with our target candidates on a peer-to-peer basis. Direct engagement by the Senior Consultant is critical as our targets are generally happily employed and ignore calls from the junior associates employed by many firms.

Assess Candidates

As we identify potential candidates we assess them through a rigorous evaluation process. This process includes multiple interviews, both in person and over the phone, to understand candidates’ skills, accomplishments, experiences, and personality to ensure the right fit professionally and culturally.

Introduce Best Candidates

Once we determine the key group of top candidates, we develop written Candidate Profiles on each individual for our client’s review prior to their interview. Profiles include the candidate’s professional background and summarize our findings from our interactions with the candidate and our evaluation of the candidate’s overall fit for the position. Candidate Profiles are objective and include not only strengths, but also areas of concern that can be further explored during client interviews.