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Understand the Client

This is the most critical step in the process. It enables us to understand who our client is and what our client needs. We meet with key stakeholders and invest our time to learn and understand the company culture, the values of the hiring team, and the strategic objectives of the business.

Define the Role

We prepare a Position Profile, which is used to communicate the opportunity to our target candidates. The Position Profile describes our client organization, details the responsibilities of the position, emphasizes the Measures of Success of the role, and explains the required and preferred characteristics of the ideal candidate. This Profile serves as a critical marketing instrument for the search.


Every search is unique and requires a distinct plan and fresh research to identify potential candidates and sources. We identify target organizations relevant to the search and consider relationships, past relevant searches, trade associations, and professional referrals from within our own networks. The Research Plan will guide the process and will be amended as new information is gathered from the market.