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Chief People Officer Insights & Trends

In March 2024, the FlemingMartin practice leaders organized roundtable discussions with more than 100 Chief People Officers (CPOs) from leading Technology and Life Science companies. Topics included: remote workers potentially falling behind their in-office peers during promotion season, reduced resources for DE&I, AI tools enhancing HR (in addition to ChatGPT), best recent HR investments, urgent goals for HR leaders, budgets for growing one’s HR team, and measuring the effectiveness of L&D programs.

We have summarized key learnings from these discussions below and we have also provided select snippets from attendees.


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FM Broadcast – Spring 2024

Artificial Intelligence and Executive Recruiting

Artificial Intelligence and Executive Recruiting

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic across nearly every industry, and executive recruiting is no exception. While AI has enhanced traditional recruiting practices and processes, there are still significant limitations in 2024, especially as it applies to identifying, courting, assessing, and ultimately hiring high-quality executive leaders.

FlemingMartin’s clients are typically companies with less than 20,000 employees. Most are relying on their software partners to develop AI solutions within existing service offerings. Simply put, most companies lack the scale and capability to develop proprietary AI solutions — especially within HR. So, while we are not seeing widespread AI adoption in recruiting with our clients, AI proponents suggest that we could see the following in the future:

AI-Powered Talent Acquisition

The introduction of AI algorithms that are capable of swiftly analyzing vast amounts of data to identify the most suitable candidates. These algorithms will evaluate resumes, social media profiles, and even candidates’ online activities to gauge qualifications and potentially cultural fit.

Enhancing Efficiency

AI that can be used to streamline the recruitment process has automated tasks such as candidate sourcing, high-level screenings, and interview scheduling. These advances can help recruiters focus their time and expertise on engaging with top-tier candidates and building rapport and relationships.

Unbiased Decision-Making

Despite highly publicized AI failures, most notably Amazon’s AI Recruiting Tool that demonstrated bias against women, advocates of using AI in recruiting tout the ability to mitigate bias. By relying on data-driven insights, AI algorithms can identify candidates based solely on their qualifications and experience, reducing the impact of unconscious biases that might influence human decision-making. AI tools can also help increase diversity by widening the candidate pool. By fostering a more inclusive hiring environment, companies can harness the full spectrum of talent available.

Predictive Analytics

AI-powered predictive analytics promise to offer new insights into candidates’ performance and long-term success within an organization. By analyzing historical data on successful hires and correlating it with various candidate attributes, AI algorithms may be successful in forecasting which candidates are most likely to excel in specific roles.

Challenges and Considerations

While AI will undoubtedly offer significant benefits to recruiting, it’s crucial to recognize and address possible challenges. These include concerns regarding data privacy, algorithmic bias, a candidate’s ability to “game the algorithm,” and the need for ongoing human oversight to ensure AI-driven decisions align with organizational values and objectives.

Moreover, it is important to acknowledge that AI has broader limitations. Today, AI lacks contextual understanding and the ability to forge strong relationships, which are often critical for attracting in-demand talent. Executive recruiters, in particular, rely upon a blend of industry expertise, human connection, and trust-based relationships that AI will never be able to fully replicate. As automation becomes more prevalent, we believe the true value of these interpersonal dynamics in leadership recruiting will become more evident.


While AI has the potential to enhance search processes, it should be viewed as a complement to human expertise rather than a replacement. The human touch remains paramount in navigating the intricacies of executive recruitment and fostering genuine connections with top-tier candidates.

Client Snapshots

Kyverna Logo

Search Completed: Senior Vice President of Partnerships & Alliance Management at Kyverna Therapeutics (NASDAQ: KYTX)


Founded in 2018, Kyverna Therapeutics (Nasdaq: KYTX) is a patient-centered, clinical-stage biopharmaceutical company dedicated to developing life-changing cell therapies for sufferers of autoimmune diseases. Cell therapy represents a sophisticated approach to treating autoimmune diseases without requiring extreme procedures like bone marrow or stem cell transplants. Since a vast number of autoimmune conditions are not adequately treated by currently available medicines, Kyverna’s engineered T-cell therapies have the potential to eliminate the need for chronic, suboptimal, and ineffective alternatives.

The Company’s lead asset, KYV-101, is presently advancing through clinical trials across indications in both rheumatology and neurology. Also, in February 2024, Kyverna successfully completed its upsized IPO on the Nasdaq Stock Exchange, raising over $319 Million.


Firm News

Fm Logo

As we toast the 13th anniversary of the founding of our firm, we are proud of the team we have assembled. Three members of our team celebrated significant milestones in Q1 2024.

Senior Associates Amy Kaplan and Jamie Bernstein completed their 7th and 6th years with our firm, respectively. Combined, they have worked on nearly 200 retained executive searches at FlemingMartin.

Our FinTech Practice Leader, Scott Yen, also hit his 4th anniversary with the firm. Scott has completed over 40 executive searches for top companies such as (NYSE: BILL), Marqeta (Nasdaq: MQ), and Upstart (Nasdaq: UPST), amongst others.


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  • Senior Director – Research Project Management

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Kyverna Therapeutics (Nasdaq: KYTX)

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