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As we enter the Fourth Quarter of 2012, we find ourselves running hard to the finish line. We have added some great new clients, including ActiveVideo Networks, SportRx, and Maxon Lift, while continuing to work on new projects for our existing clients. Continued demand for outstanding talent still abounds, despite the uncertainty of the upcoming elections and the world economy. It is being proven again that the best way to handle and take advantage of changing circumstances is to have a committed, intelligent, and nimble team in place.

Fleming Jones
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Martin “Marty” McMahon
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Thought Provoking Articles

  • Have you ever said to yourself “We don’t need a _____” (Fill in the blank with Head of Marketing, VP Human Resources, General Counsel, or some other senior position)? If so, Joe Kraus, co-founder of and partner at Google Ventures, would say that you probably haven’t seen greatness in that role.
  • It may seem odd for an executive search firm to point people to this article, but it offers a great perspective. Liz Wiseman discusses the importance of getting the most out of the talent resources you already have in her latest HBR Blog.
  • We all want team members who are motivated to perform well and who are happy to be part of our organization. According to this UC Berkeley study, giving your employees more money is far less effective than ensuring they feel respected and valued.

Client Snapshot – Ekso Bionics

Ekso Bionics Users

One of our first clients remains one of our favorites, not only because they create mind-boggling “Iron Man” products for the military, but because they have an outstanding team that is enabling people to overcome their physical limitations and to walk upright. Ekso Bionics started seven years ago at UC Berkeley to develop an exoskeleton that would enable someone to carry great weights across varied terrain. Five years later, the Company unveiled a new product with a vastly different purpose – Ekso, an “intelligent, bionic exoskeleton that actually allows wheelchair users to stand and walk.

We are honored to be working with companies like Ekso Bionics, which is working so hard to improve the lives of people.

Recently Completed Searches

American Reprographics Company [NYSE:ARC]

  • Chief Financial Officer
  • EVP Sales
  • Director of Sales

BBA Aviation

  • Chief Financial Officer

Ekso Bionics

  • VP of Manufacturing


  • Chief Financial Officer


  • Director of Human Resources


  • SVP Human Resources

Specialized Bicycle Components

  • Head of Quality


Current Searches

Cloud Infrastructure Company

  • SVP of Marketing

eCommerce Company

  • President

Global Aerospace Manufacturer

  • VP of Human Resources

Global Sporting Goods Manufacturer

  • SVP of Supply Chain

International Industrial Manufacturer

  • Head of Supply Chain

Publicly Traded Technology Company

  • Director of Sales

Regional Educational Services Firm

  • Director of Marketing

Regional Seafood Packaging Company

  • Controller