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“The employer generally gets the employees he deserves.”
– Walter Gilbey

“Engagement has to be human, because people trust people more than brands.”
Ana Alonso, Global Marketing Head Recruitment, Shell

“Treat employees like they make a difference and they will.”
– Jim Goodnight, CEO, SAS

“A company should limit its growth based on its ability to attract enough of the right people.”
-Jim Collins

“Negative feedback is better that none. I would rather have a man hate me than overlook me. As long as he hates me, I make a difference.”
– Hugh Prather

“We innovate by starting with the [candidate] and working backwards. That becomes the touchstone for how we invent.”
– Jeff Bezos, CEO, Amazon

FM Broadcast – Winter 2019
Hiring is NOT a One-Way Street: A Recap on the Importance of Candidate Experience

In the Spring of 2016, we touched on the topic of executive search and the importance of quality candidate experience. Nearly 3 years later, this statement still rings true. Our team has been fortunate to work with numerous clients that take pride in the quality of their interview process, including Airbnb. Here are a few tips to ensure a quality candidate experience for your next executive search.

  1. Heavy Preparation:
    The Airbnb team collaborated heavily with our team to ensure a quality candidate experience. Prior to welcoming the candidates onsite, the Airbnb team coordinated a purposeful interview team that would best represent the Company, would best assess each candidate for the particular position and would best assess how the candidate would enhance Airbnb’s culture.
  2. It’s All in the Details:
    Prior to welcoming the candidates to their office, Airbnb leveraged technology to prepare the interview panel, our team and the candidate for the onsite interview. Thoughtful logistics were communicated efficiently via phone calls, email and calendar invitations to ensure the candidates didn’t have to sweat the small stuff.
  3. The White Glove Experience:  
    There was a clear investment in time and energy that went into the Airbnb candidate experience. From their thoughtful interview process to their core values and concierge-like service, Airbnb truly lives their brand, hosting candidates as they would want their hosts to engage guests in their homes.

Have some tips you’d like to share? Share your best practices on how to improve candidate experience with us!

The FlemingMartin team
[email protected]      

Client Snapshot


Founded in 2008, Airbnb leverages technology to economically empower millions of people around the world to experience travel locally and authentically. Airbnb continues to grow in the accommodation marketplace, providing access to 5+ million unique homes to stay in more than 81,000 cities and 191 countries in addition to offering 15,000+ unique experiences created by hosts around the globe. With nearly 10,000 employees, Airbnb’s vision allows hospitality entrepreneurs to monetize their spaces, passions and talents to create a world of authenticity and sustainability.

FlemingMartin recently recruited Airbnb’s new Talent Systems Solutions Architect: Airbnb Names Patty Urda as Talent Systems Solutions Architect

FlemingMartin News

In our last newsletter, you may have read about our recent Supply Chain search with Helix, a genetic testing company that is dedicated to empowering the public to improve their lives through DNA. With tests that can unlock ancestry, potential health conditions and playful insights, the Helix team makes DNA personal.

At FlemingMartin, we don’t just represent our clients. We dig deep into their products and services to better understand their business. We believe that understanding our clients leads to finding the best executive talent to address their challenges and highlight their accomplishments. Since we were helping Helix find a Head of Supply Chain, our team ordered a DNA genetic testing kit from Helix and each of their major competitors. Our goal was to compare packaging strategies, supply chain logistics and the quality of customer experience.

The results are in…Helix 1Unlike some competitors, Helix made shipping quick and easy. No hassle, no delay. In addition to timely shipping and process updates, Helix’s platform presents customers with a unique offer. Rather than processing your DNA multiple times for different tests, Helix provides the most advanced DNA testing available to consumers and securely stores its customers DNA for additional testing that may be requested at a later date. Whether you’d like to test your DNA for ancestry, current health conditions, predispositions, or more lighthearted entertainment, submit your DNA once and then choose a different option whenever you like! Order your DNA testing kit today with Helix.

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